Black Mold in Homes

6 Tips to Find and Cleanup Black Mold in Homes

It’s not uncommon to see black black toxic spots in houses. Odds are if you live in Utah you’ve probably

already encountered that bothersome fungus.

If your Utah house is infected with black mold it can be an eye sore but that’s not the worst of it.

The worst part is what it can do to your health.

This article is written to help you stay vigilant against this enemy.

Here are 6 tips that you can immediately implement to get rid of black mold in homes:


1. Understanding Black Mold Cleanup

These black spots can be dangerous and even difficult to cleanup. If you perform a google search you’ll find all kinds of scary

symptomatic problems including cancer or even death. The black toxins are generally seen in places such

as windows (darkened grouts), drywall, damp wood etc. black mold spreads in a similar fashion to

how plants release pollen, i.e. black spores are released that are invisible to the naked eye, and

when inhaled and left untreated they can do a lot of harm.

Black mold in homes can spread even when doing the cleanup. Minor black fungus, however, can be an easy cleanup. Normal cleaning agents with a spray-bottle are enough to get rid of minor

black spots, as most don’t actually do anything. But it’s the bigger black nests or colonies that are causing problems;

if you disturb the black colonies they can release millions of small black fungus spores which if inhaled can

slowly wreak havoc on your health.

In short, if you have a large black mold cleanup problem, call a professional cleanup company to investigate it. Don’t try to deal

with this alone. If in Salt lake City area call 801-758-7801


2. Identifying the Black Mold Problem

The toxic black fungus can grow on just about any porous surface that the spores land on. They just need

oxygen and moisture and once obtained, they are good to grow. If you see a black spot on any

of the moist surfaces and after sometime this spot appears to be growing it might be a good

idea to consider the possibility of black mold. Notice black linings, dark spots on windows,

shower trails, even behind refrigerators etc. If the mold is allowed to grow a musty odor might

develop. If you have suspicions, check for bigger hidden colonies in your house or call

for an inspection.

If you find areas that you think may be infested you might want to get rid of it before it

has the chance to grow into a bigger problem.


3. Avoid Humidity Buildup in the Home

Since the colonies grow in moist places it’s a good idea to start drying things out. Your professional

black mold cleanup company will bring commercial dehumidifier systems that are designed to tackle

the problem. Moving forward a good way to prevent mold in houses and/or start the cleanup process is to allow for plenty

of air movement throughout the home and consider investing in dehumidifiers or fans where

moisture tends to build up. Common areas might be the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.

Keep in mind that leaky plumbing can be a major source of moisture for the black spots to form nesting places for colonies to develop.

A plumbing inspection might be worth considering ensuring leak-tight pipes in your houses. Open windows

and doors at times and be creative to change the internal environment of the home to help dry out your house.


4. Refresh the Air

As mentioned before, black spores spread when released in the air. If you want

to stop your house from becoming colony infested, you have to cleanup what mold there is and restrict the spreading of spores while doing so.

Basically, the fewer amounts of spores in your house the less danger you are in. You can invest

in high quality air purifier, fix spore catching filters in your AC vents etc. You might consider

purchasing a few ceiling fans to have installed throughout the home.


5. Tea Tree Oil

There are other cleanup remedies you might consider. Some people use the tea tree oil as a fungicide to

kill small fungus infestations, and stop them from growing. They spray a mixture of this oil and

water on to the black spots and it seems to work for some people. Tea tree oil is somewhat expensive

but people use it because it is natural and it’s supposed to be effective. You may want to

research other chemicals and solutions as well.


6. Vinegar

White vinegar is another possible cleanup alternative. Some say it is one of the best cleaners for just

about anything. Vinegar is said to kill approximately 80% of the growth.

After you try this giant list of cleanup alternatives that probably don’t work and you are in Utah then call

801-758-7801 to have a professional black mold cleanup company do what they do best.

There are chemicals specially made for removal and complete restoration.