Black Mold Remediation Products

5 Commonly Used Black Mold Remediation Products

There are a number of solutions you can utilize to eliminate and get rid of mold. A few of the most reliable household products used for black fungus cleanup include Bleach, Vinegar, Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc. The following are ways some residents and business owners in Utah try doing mold cleanup on their own.

Warning: it is highly recommended to have a Utah professional disaster cleanup company do a thorough testing and inspection first and then follow up with their effective and professional remediation chemicals. Professional disaster companies are conveniently located in many areas in Utah and are ready to respond to any kind of flooding, water damage remediation, fire damage removal and restoration, and other Utah disasters.

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In Utah these are the Frequently Utilized Methods of Black Mold Removal from Drywall, Carpeting, and tile Flooring, and Fabrics:

If you have a large enough black mold issue in your house please seek assistance from a black mold specialist. If in Utah call 801-758-7801 to contact expert black mold testing and removal service companies.

How to Cleanup Fungus with Bleach as Removal Agent:

Bleach is a strong chemical that can eliminate many indoor black fungal growths that you may see in your home. It also has the ability to kill black spores and does a pretty good job at surface area disinfecting and cleanup.

The trouble with this chemical is it is limited to nonporous areas but when trying to cleanup porous surfaces it’s not the best removal option. Drywall growth for example would be fairly resistant to the attempt to kill black mold.

You also have to be careful with Bleach if you decide to use it. The fumes can be dangerous and therefore you’ll need to keep the area well ventilated with plenty of air flow. Also, remember to wear gloves to protect your hands as it is a carcinogen. A common ratio is 1:10 using water as the dilatant.

Feel free to also leave the chemical solution on the surfaces instead of fully drying it because the natural drying and evaporation process can help. The longer it sits on the surface the better for black spores.

Professional Utah water damage and disaster cleanup and removal companies know that the roots of the black mold, even after being treated with bleach, are most often left intact and therefore future spores can return and continue to spread in the house. This is why we don’t recommend only using bleach when trying to kill black mold there are better chemicals employed by professional remediation companies that are more effective and specially made for disaster cleanup.

Keep in mind that when using any chemicals you could easily damage fabric and other like material so be careful when doing so. If you have questions on larger black mold problems please call Elite Approved Remediation companies here in Utah at 801-758-7801

How to Cleanup Fungus with Borax as Removal Agent:

Borax helps eliminate odors and is often used for toilet and bathroom cleanup. It’s also used to kill fungus, insects, etc. You can mix it with water to try to kill black mold. It’s considered by some to be safer than Bleach because it has minimal fumes comparatively speaking. A bristled brush is often used on surfaces where borax is applied to try and cleanup surfaces. You also don’t need to rinse this one after cleanup.

How to Cleanup Black Fungus with Vinegar as Removal Agent:

Vinegar has the benefits of being natural and safe for black mold removal and cleanup. It is not toxic and you don’t need to worry about fumes.

Apply vinegar and water and let the surface area dry. You can also use vinegar in spray bottles with full concentration just spray and leave it on the surface of the black mold. White vinegar is best and cheap to obtain in Utah especially if you have a larger cleanup project.

Repeat every few days to have a better chance of killing the unwanted growth. For proper remediation please contact a professional at 801-758-7801

How to Cleanup Fungus with Ammonia as Removal Agent:

Ammonia is dangerous so you have to be extra careful. Don’t mix Ammonia and bleach because it can produce hazardous gas.

It also kills the surface area growth where black mold nests are found but the black spores will need cleanup down the road if this is the only chemical used.

The porous surface areas will continue to have spores growing as well as drywall and other like areas. Utah natural disaster cleanup companies are ultimately the best cleanup remedy for black mold remediation. If you decide to still use ammonia use a 50/50 mix in a spray bottle. Spray moldy surfaces liberally but don’t hang around. Let it sit for a few hours before finishing the cleanup.

Again, remediation companies are conveniently located here in Utah. Call and contract the project with expert remediation companies at 801-758-7801

How to Cleanup Fungus with Hydrogen Peroxide as Removal Agent:

Hydrogen peroxide kills fungus, viruses, and bacteria. This might be a better option due to no fumes. It’s also a good solution for cheap mold removal because it can easily be obtained for a fraction of the cost of other chemicals. It’s good for removing black mold from fabrics, walls, etc. It can help take away black spots and stains because it is used as a whiting agent as well. Make sure to test smaller areas before doing a thorough cleanup on larger areas. Keep in mind, large spots will require professional remediation by specially trained remediation professionals.

Scrub the location to make sure to eliminate the entire black mold nesting areas as well as any stained areas. Like previously mentioned chemicals, a spray bottle can be super helpful for removal. Leave the area with Hydrogen Peroxide solution sitting for half an hour before wiping.

An additional option is to add vinegar to hydrogen peroxide for a stronger cleanup and more thorough removal.

These alternatives should only be used to remove small areas of mold growth not for large project remediation. For any large disaster cleanup and remediation in Utah please contact a professional black mold cleanup company.  Save this number as it dials out to a few of our selected mold pros 801-758-7801